Chef Solutions Glofry Oil Enhancer – T202, 100ml

Antioxidant Antifoaming

Glofry Oil Enhancer is used to improve the frying life of vegetable frying oils, which is widely used in frying of chips, snacks, corn based products, battered products (vegetable, meat and seafood), flour based products, etc. in Snacks industry, Food services and food stalls.

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GLOFRY T202 performance surpasses other antioxidants with lower dosage and simplified addition process, hence increased compliance and cost savings! ▪ 100% food grade functional product ▪ 35% increase in oil frying time. Higher Stability Index suitable for frying performance. ▪ Slowed down rate of Rancidity, FFA, PV and Anisidine value. ▪ Increase in fried product Shelf Life by 30% - 40%. ▪ Reduction in Oil Absorption by 3%-5 %. ▪ Easier to use compared to TBHQ powder. Short circulation time and good dispersion compared to TBHQ powder
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