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What We're About

Chef Solutions is a house brand of Namosri Ventures Pvt. Ltd. (NVPL). NVPL is specializing in high quality and innovative food brands serving primarily in Kitchen & Industrial applications. We offer a comprehensive range of ingredients spread across segments of Breading, Bakery, Coating, Condiments, Staples, Seasonings, Marinades, Gravies, Sauces, Broths and Equipment’s to enable the cooking.

Chef Solutions is chefs’ best friend as it enables Home Chefs & Pro Chefs to serve delicious, wholesome meals to their guests. The brand creates essential ingredients that save precious preparation time in the kitchen, without compromising on the flavour. Being part of NVPL, Chef Solutions uses the highly-skilled R&D and Chefs’ team to create product compositions that are rich and flavoursome. The ingredients allow chefs to experiment with flavour and add their magic to the dishes.

We believe food has incredible power to influence our mood, health and lifestyle. As lovers of good food, we are constantly innovating our products to enliven the food that you prepare whether at Home or an Institution. Every day, thousands of Home Chefs & Pro Chefs use our products at star hotels, stand-alone restaurants, chain restaurants, QSRs, and catering businesses to please the palette of their discerning customers.

Saves Money & Increases Profitability
Saves Time – Upto 80% preparation time saved!
Expands Menu – 90% more relevant recipes
Guarantees Taste – 100% Purity and Quality

Why Chef Solutions

Chef Solutions is a progressive food brand that enables Home Chefs & Pro Chefs to discover their culinary brilliance, providing a portfolio of products which can be used to Create Authentic World Cuisine dishes as well as Fusion or Home-spun Recipes using local ingredients. Power to the People... Your Recipes, Our Ingredients!

Chef Solutions goes beyond the functional problems providing flexibility to own the flavour, hence allowing playfulness with available ingredients


Chef Solutions products are a result of an understanding that cooking is both art & science


We bring you the best products across segments. If it bears CS mark, it is an assurance of quality. Our engagements with chefs gives us knowledge of Trends.


We have created an Ecosystem around our products which include CS Ingredients, CS Masterclasses, CS Community, Recipes, Equipment & Accessories to use in Kitchens


The products are flexible giving you the opportunity to play with our ingredients and create you own magic or create standard dishes where necessary, at Home or Pro Kitchen .

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