Chef Solutions Fusilli Pasta – 3cm, 1Kg

Italian Style 100% Durum Wheat Semolina

Chef Solutions Pasta Fusilli is designed not to “break” like regular pasta, giving the pasta better aesthetics, and function. CS Fusilli has no cholesterol

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• Selected Durum wheat Semolina• Artisan style, Slow drying process• High roughness on pasta surface• Excellent taste & aroma of wheat• Perfect absorption of sauces


Chef Solutions Pasta Fusilli is designed not to “break” like regular pasta, giving the pasta better aesthetics, and function. CS Pasta Fusilli has no cholesterol and is very low in sodium and fat. CS Pasta Fusilli tastes great, boosts energy, and can be prepared in countless delicious recipes. Try Chef Solutions Pasta Fusilli, to see and taste the difference. You’ll never go back to ordinary pasta again!


• Chef Solutions fusilli pasta is firm and perfectly constructed using finest quality ingredient• Cooking stages prefered for best results: pasta salad 95 % cooked ie about 9 min, pasta 75% cooked (al dante) ie about 8 min• You can construct lot of variations from Chef Solutions pasta including delicious salads, or can boil and toss it with Chef Solutions chunky tomato sauce and enjoy the authentic flavours from Italy.

Directions for Use

Cooking Time: 10 mins normal, 9 min for salads, 8 mins for al dente 1.Boil water in stock pot 2.As water starts boiling, add salt in water as required . 3.Slowly drop the Chef Solutions pasta in water and let it cook for above mentioned time. 4. Drain the pasta and sprinkle olive oil onto the pasta to avoid the pasta from sticking. 5. Toss it with salad or with sauce


100% durum wheat semolina, water

Storage Information

To be kept in a cool dry place. After opening, store in an airtight container. Store in dry closed warehouse, away from sunlight protected from rain, dust, insects & rodents. Material must be kept on pallets and away from wall.

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