Chef Solutions Caribbean Jerk Seasoning – 3in1, 250gm

Dip Marinade Sprinkle

Chef Solutions Caribbean Jerk Seasoning from Creole cuisine of Jamaica is certainly the most renowned cuisine of America today. Chef Solutions brings you the most ethnic flavour version to enjoy this intrinsic taste in your cooking. Master tailored for use by culinary experts like you in diverse applications ranging from marinades, sauces, dip and sprinkler characteristics!

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  • Multi Application allows speedy construction of a recipe
  • Works wonders as a marinade with oil, water, lime juice as a carrier. Use it on meat, chicken, seafood, veggies
  • No added MSG.
  • With built-in Tenderizer
  • Tailored for culinary experts like you, helping to inspire menus
  • Preserves consistency
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