Chef Nilesh Limaye

Miso salad with Singapore prawns

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Ingredients used:

Ingredients for dressing:-

  • White Miso :- 3tbsp
  • Lemon juice :- 1
  • Caster sugar :- 1tbsp
  • Natural yoghurt :- 2tbsp
  • Olive oil :- 15ml
  • White cabbage :- 250g
  • Carrot Julian :- 150g
  • Spring onion Julian (for garnish):- 30g

Steps Involved in Cooking:

  • 1 .Heat the oil in a small skillet over medium high heat add the garlic and shrimp ; sprinkle with the chilli powder saute for a few minutes on each side until the shrimps are no longer clear and have a nice golden colour on the outside
  • 2 .Cut white cabbage and carrots in Julian , arrenge in a bowl with the shrimps
  • 3 .Puree all the dressing ingredients together in a food processor until smooth taste and adjust to your preference pour the dressing over the salad and serve immediately (or store the individual parts separately in the refrigerator until ready to serve )
  • 4 .Top with fresh spring onions Julian
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