Chef Abhishek

Pork Ton Katsu

Deep fried goodness is an understatement for this amazing entrée from the Land of the Rising Sun. This deep-fried perfection tastes the best when paired with our own Katsu sauce. Have it once and you will not miss fried chicken one bit.

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Chef Solutions Ingredients used:

Other Ingredients Used:

  • Pork loin: 200 gms
  • Eggs : 2
  • Pepper : 5gms
  • Salt : 2gms
  • White oil: 300ml

Steps Involved in Cooking:

  • 1 .Clean the pork loin and trim excess fat and silver skin
  • 2 .Pat dry and with a sharp knife make 2 mm deep cuts at 15 degree inclination
  • 3 .Season the loin with salt and pepper and coat in beaten eggs
  • 4 .Lightly coat in panko and do not press the meat
  • 5 .In a deep fat fryer or a heavy bottom pan heat oil for deep frying.
  • 6 .Oil temperature to be at 220 degree
  • 7 .Deep fry the loin till the outer color is golden brown
  • 8 .Drain off excess on tissue roll
  • 9 .Season lightly with salt while hot
  • 10 .Baste with katsu sauce and serve piping hot


Slit the meat without fail for uniform cooking. Chicken breast or lamb loin is alternatives for pork.
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