Singapore butter fried chicken

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Chef Solutions Ingredients used:

Other Ingredients Used:

  • Whole chicken ,cut into pieces :- 1(4pound).
  • Egg :- 1
  • Sweet potato flour:- ΒΌ cup
  • Tapioca flour :- 1cup

Steps Involved in Cooking:

  • 1 .To marinate :- in a glass dish or bowl, combine chilli garlic seasoning ,egg.
  • 2 .mix together. add chicken pieces and turn to coat. cover dish or bowl refrigerate to marrinate for at least1/2 hr
  • 3 .Mix the sweet potato flour and tapioca flour mixture
  • 4 .Then add each chicken pieces to the flour coating well
  • 5 .In a large skillet or wok,heat oil over medium high heat .add marrinated chicken (disposing of leftover marinade )and fry for 20-25min.or until chicken is crispy and brown and juices run clear
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