Priyanka Rath

Singaporean chilli garlic chicken

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Ingredients for Sauces

Ingredients for Marination

  • Chicken boneless: 300g
  • Egg: 1
  • Flour(maida): 2tbsp
  • Cornflour :1tbsp
  • Soy sauce :2tbsp
  • Oil for frying

Steps Involved in Cooking:

  • 1 .First add egg, flour(maida), Cornflour, chilli garlic seasoning and soy sauce in chicken
  • 2 .leave for half an hour.
  • 3 .Deep Fry chicken in oil.
  • 4 .For sauce: Heat oil in a pan and fry garlic.
  • 5 .Then add capsicum
  • 6 .Add ketchup, chillies and chicken broth
  • 7 .cook till it starts boiling.
  • 8 .Now thick it with cornflour.
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